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Lean Into Your Flexibility:
Redefine Your Boundaries On and Off The Mat

I love yoga, but I am not your average yogi. I started yoga, because I wanted to run. After 5 years of running, I started developing multiple running injuries, and to be honest I just wanted to get back to running. Fast forward 10 years, and not only am I still practicing, but now I am a yoga instructor.


I started practicing for physical reasons, but I quickly discovered the magic that happens when you allow your mind to meet your body, and embrace the unlimited transformation that awaits us all. Yes, yoga helped me get back to running, but it did so much more than that. It restored my strength, decreased my anxiety, increased my flexibility, and allowed me to lean into my limitless power on and off the mat. My goal is to bring this transformational practice to ever age, gender, body size, and ethnicity.

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