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Run Your Race

One of the main concerns I hear from my clients, students, and even my friends, when talking about their goals, is that everyone’s life on Instagram’s looks better than theirs.

“They are all happier than me, they have lost more weight than me, they have a better job than me. And on and on and on. “

So, the problem is not really about YOU achieving your goals, the problem is that your life doesn’t look like all 1500 people you follow on Instagram.

“If your life did look like that, what would it look like?

It would be a hot mess, because it’s NOT YOUR LIFE. Stop comparing your success, your accomplishments, and your life to others. “Run Your Own Race”

Running your own race means staying laser focused on your goals.

If you are running a half a mile, or an ultra-marathon the finish line is always the goal. And just like runners, we must be laser focused on our finish line. In life, there will always be challenges and obstacles that slow us down and try to prevent us from achieving our goals. And just like a runner preparing for elements like wind and rain, we must be aware that these challenges exist, and then create a plan that gets us to the finish line.

Running your own race means, not focusing too much on who is next to you. (in front of you or behind you)

While it’s always great to have people in your life to encourage you and motivate you, remember we all have different goals and different paths to get to the finish line. Again, regardless if you are running a 5K or an ultra-marathon, the finish line is still the goal. It’s important that you decide what you want, and what your finish line will look like, so you know exactly how to run your own race. Your finish line could be going back to school, starting a business, or losing 30 pounds. Regardless of what your finish line is, make sure it’s YOUR finish line, so you can run YOUR race.

Running your own race means beating your own best time, not anybody else.

So, we know our goals and finish lines are different, well so is our timing. There will be times our goals are similar to our friends or colleagues, and that’s great when you need a little extra motivation. However, remember it’s all about “YOUR goal and YOUR timing”. You will get the promotion when it’s your time, you will get married when it’s your time, you will get the degree when it’s your time. Keep working toward your goal, it will happen.

Running your own race means not looking back.

If you keep putting in the work everyday, what you want will come to fruition. If you are constantly looking back, you will never be able to see what’s in front of you. If you think about runners, it would be dangerous for them to run and constantly look behind them. You know what’s in your past, you know what you have overcome. An occasional glance back never hurt anyone, because it reminds you how far you come. However, constantly looking back is dangerous in life and running. Don’t look behind you, there is nothing back there for you. The goals you are working so hard for are in front of you.

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