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3 Ways to Create Your Best Self-Care Saturday Yet.

Self-Care is different for everyone. If I am being honest, I love myself a spa day, a hot yoga class, and a day of shopping with the girls. However, it’s 2020 and none of that is happening for a while. So now we must get creative. We must think about the things that we can do TODAY that bring joy.

1. Find somethings that brings YOU Joy and Write It Down!

Think about a couple things that bring YOU joy. YOU, yes you, not your mom, not your girlfriends, not Instagram.. but YOU. Now write them down.

In case you need some inspiration, here are a couple of things that bring me joy.

All COVID Friendly!

· Taking Hazel (AKA Chief Dog Officer) for A Walk

· Watching a Holiday Movie

· Date Night with the Spouse (or with yourself)

· Taking a Nap

· Creating a Gratitude Practice

· Watching Football All Day on the Couch in Sweats (no judgement)

2. Plan to Do It and Put it on Your Calendar.

So now, you know what brings you joy. It’s time to plan to do it and put in on your calendar. You don’t have to do it on Saturday, maybe Sunday’s are your day, or maybe it’s on a week night after the kids are asleep. Whenever it is, you must schedule it, just like you would any work meeting, your eight-year-old’s soccer game, or your grandmother’s 90th birthday zoom call.

3. Disconnect and Relax

JUST DO IT! It simple enough, but sometimes the hardest step. Turn off the phone , the guilt, the expectations, and the negative voices in your head, put on those yoga pants, light a candle, go outside for a run, or just do nothing. You got this. This is all about you.

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